Tuesday/Thursday Family Fun Focus

Tuesday/Thursday Family Fun Focus

This next week we will be using the classic tale, “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears,” to expand upon our ALL ABOUT ME studies.

The Tuesday/Thursday children in the JK room will be reading the book and then expanding through science, art, math, literacy and even language/dramatic play activities.  The children will be creating puppets of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and also creating houses in which the bears live.  We would love to have donations of shoe boxes or similar sized cardboard boxes in which the children could decorate/create their dwellings.  We will use the puppets/houses re-tell the story at the end of the school day.

The children will practice cutting skills to create masks of sorts, picking their favorite character and then using various props to role play/act out the story.  In fact, Ms. Newman’s small room will be the bears’ home for the day and will be set up to have each of the rooms in which the story takes place!

The children will do so many activities around the story.  Depending on their skills and familiarity with the story, they may cut, color and categorize objects by size or they may use the bears to create simulate their own families and provide dictation to the teacher’s about who those members are.  We will count, pattern and even add characters and objects from the story (again, children will be given tasks based on ability).

Of course, we will have to do porridge science and math!!!  We will make predictions and chart the children’s responses.  Weighing, measuring, cooking…..so much to do….so much fun!