JK Update – 8/30

JK Update – 8/30

Tuesday’s group began GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS. During morning rotations, Mrs. Lozano worked in the classroom 1:1, counting and patterning with children. Each child was given a task of varying degree, based on their skill sets, attention span and previous experience. Ms. Newman worked in the hallway, with children, cutting out various objects from the story and gluing them in order from smallest to largest. Some children were required to copy words and even to use the characters from the story to create a model of their family. Those children labeled their family members and we discussed how their roles may have been similar to or different from the characters.

During group time, we sang several songs and introduced some of our classics. We marched to the GRAND OLD DUKE OF YORK, shook the apple tree and even sang LITTLE SALLY SAUCER. We had chanting PEAS PORRIDGE HOT, encouraging each child to think of an ingredient to put into the porridge and then recalling each ingredient in order. We even did a math song, pretending each child was a bear in the bed (on the carpet) as we sang “roll over.” One child at a time rolled over as we “subtracted” them from the group and then we counted how many children were left over.

Of course, we had to chart the question “What is porridge.” Some children who had been exposed to the concept previously recalled while others did not. We then tasted various flavors of porridge and charted whether the children liked each flavor or did not.

Our goal for the end of the day was to create puppets which the children could use to retell the story. Thursday’s group will do some porridge science, cut/sequence the story and create props and a setting in which they can act out the story. It will be so much fun for both them and for the teachers!

If anyone has some stuffed bears they would like to bring in to use in our story telling, please feel free!