This week in our JK2 class we have been working on recognizing our feelings and finding ways to deal with different emotions. The children formed a feeling train, marching together as they were role playing different emotions called out by the teacher. As an introduction to our “Stop and Think” Core Knowledge program, we read the story of Tucker Turtle and how he deals with anger/ frustration. The children are learning to stop, take a deep breath and think of a solution to their dilemma. Each child created a paper bowl turtle to reinforce this lesson. We had our first music class with Mr. Williams on Monday–the children were so thrilled to see him again and sing some familiar songs. Also, Mrs. Stark worked with the children for their first P.E. class of the school year. Expectations and rules were set as well as acting out The Bear Hunt—a familiar favorite 🙂 and some fun movement activities. Have a great holiday weekend.