JK 1 Update – 9/23

JK 1 Update – 9/23

We are really getting going with the flow of our schedule and the expectations of the classroom!  This was so evident this week as we really began pushing our skills; academically, physically and socially.

As we moved through letter B, each child was challenged differently, writing/tracing, cutting and rhyming.  While some children may have been working on tracing letters and words, other children may have been copying those words.   While writing strokes helps the children develop fine motor skills, the actual “learning” of the letter comes more from hands on activities.  We sing about the letters, taste them (bread and butter, bagels, blue berries), create art with the letters and, of course, read about them as well.  The children have really been enjoying playing the “riddle game,” listening to a description of items that begin with the sound of the letter of the week and raising their hands to indicate their recognition of that object in question.

This week, we also introduced my favorite rhythm stick activity, the letter of the week version of “B I N G O.”  Today we sang “There was a bunny had a name and Bubba was his name o…..”  As we sang the letters, we pointed to the letters written on cards, placed on the floor.  As the children took turns turning over the letters, we “clicked” with our sticks.  Each week we will sing similar songs and gain awareness of rhythm and phonemes!

We also had our first “big kid” activity.  Every third Wednesday the middle schoolers come down to the preschool and work on skills/activities with our class.  This week they helped each child create their “All About Me” book.  The little ones just loved the attention and connection they had with their big kid buddy.  We are all looking forward to our next meeting when we make bird feeders and create a fun, fall craft with our buddy!

Also, we were able to finish creating our life sized bodies.  We painted blood, cut out/glued in brains and even added intestines to our bodies.  The children worked for several weeks to trace, cut and assemble the various parts of their anatomy.  Please be sure to check our their work, hanging in the “gallery” by the children’s restrooms!

Next week our goal is to move through letter C and wrap up our senses.