JK1 Update – 11/15

JK1 Update – 11/15

The Thanksgiving unit has been very interesting for the children to explore.  As you may recall, last week we learned about the Native American Indians.  We learned about how the term NATIVE refers to people who originate from a particular area.  The first people who lived here are called Native Americans.

The children learned about the connection the Native Americans had to the earth and the dependency they had on all aspects for survival  They learned about how they so respected the animals they hunted and that they used all parts of the animals in their daily lives.  They were impressed how they used the skins and furs for both clothing and homes, as they built their own versions from paper, cloth and even tortillas!  The children ground both berries and flowers to create paints which were used to paint the skins of their tepees and also the “clay” of the pots they made to carry and drink from.

The children even learned how many Native American’s got their names – either ones given to them by their parents or the ones they chose for themselves after successful hunting journeys!  Some of the children created shields to protect them as they hunted and battled others, adorning the ever respected American Bison and also a feather with the Native American name they chose for themselves (there were many Soaring Eagles, a Running Deer, Angry Bear and a few Hopping Bunnies!).  Additionally, the children sewed their own, personalized medicine bags from flannel, yarn and beads.  They examined the precious stones I carried in my medicine bag and then went on a hunt for their own treasures.  Some children selected small trinkets, seeds and grasses, while one child placed a large rock on his bag.  Although the bag could not carry the weight of the stone, the boy was focused on the joy and fortune the stone was going to bring him vs. the effect the weight of the stone had on his medicine bag!

This week we have been focusing on Pilgrims.  We have been trying to understand the concept of living under the ruler ship of  King and the persecutions of the Pilgrims suffered.  We read about the Mayflower and looked at drawings of the inside of the vessel.  So cramped….no bathrooms….so much illness….NO LEGOS!!!  What a horrific journey across the sea!  How THANFUL the Pilgrims were to land on Plymouth Rock!

Monday’s class created homes from sticks and moss, to represent the basic structures the Pilgrims lived in.  They colored and “puzzles” aspects of the Mayflower and even patterned and counted turkey feathers.

Wednesday’s group will continue on with the lessons of Thanksgiving…….and we will prepare for our Feast and our Program!