Jr. K Kids Are So Happy To Be Back!

Jr. K Kids Are So Happy To Be Back!

The children in Mrs. Lozano’s and Mrs. Caruso’s class are so excited to be back at school.  Last week everyone had so much fun, and learned so much.

The children learned about the season of winter, practiced the letter Kk, and presented their show and share items that begin with the letter Kk.  Letter Kk was challenging.  The children brought in keys, realized they were “kids,”  a kite, ketchup, lots of kittens, kangaroos, a kickball, a koala, and of course, one friend gave an example of being kind! Alphabet reinforcement was enjoyed by playing alphabet bingo and snowball toss.    Children practiced their fine motor skills by folding coffee filters and cutting various shapes to make snowflakes!  Cora really enjoyed this activity and cut enough to decorate the classroom doors and walls.  We were also amazed at how much the children enjoyed coloring snowflakes with such perfection and put the finishing touch on using glitter in a tube!  We continue to reinforce counting numbers by playing games such as numbers’ bingo and winter snow clothes dice game!  When the children made their beautiful 3-dimensional snowflakes, they counted their toothpicks and marshmallows, and really worked hard to use all of them!  A little bit of geometry also went into making these!  They are hanging from our classroom window. Notice the uniqueness of each one!

After reading the book “The Snow Child” the children made beautiful snow crowns covered with silver glitter!

The children also made “snowkids” by cutting out circles and gluing them together.  Looking in the mirror helped the children remember to put a mouth, nose and two eyes on their “snowkids” face!

On Friday, we talked about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and read a wonderful story about his life.  The children went out of their way to be kind and helpful to their friends.  It was wonderful to see the gentleness displayed amongst everyone.  The children made their handprints using two different colors of paint.  This represented the differences we have on the outside, yet how alike we are on the inside.  See the beautiful “handprint wreath” that adorns our classroom door.

This week we are learning about the Arctic!

Thanks for sharing your children with us!