Do the children go outdoors to play each day and for how long?

Our children LOVE to go outdoors to play! The children spend at least an hour or so outdoors everyday.  They love the climbing structure on the playground and digging in the huge sandbox.  On nice days the kids enjoy playing soccer or throwing a football.  We even put out the little splash pools on those hot days which the children enjoy.  In the colder, snowy months, the children have fun body-sledding on the hill, and bilding snowmen!  And sometimes the children just lay down on the ground and watch the clouds moving in the sky.  It’s also fun looking for bugs and building dams after a rainy day.  It’s fun to be a kid at TLC Preschool!  We have “Field Day” fun in the spring, and we can’t forget our warm day picnic lunches!  In summer camp the children plant a garden and in the fall the children harvest the tomatoes, carrots and lettuce!