On we continue exploring our bodies!  This week we will building upon the bodies/human size cut-outs we painted bones into last week.  We are going to add blood, brains, a stomach and a heart this week.  These will be fun to see when they are finished…..hopefully by the end of next week! Monday’s class once again began their day with 1:1 work, learning about letter B (both it’s shape and it’s sound).   We talked about “B being bouncy,” and pretended to bounce a ball while we made the letter sound, “BBBBBBBBBB.”  We looked at the shape of letter and noticed that upper case has 2Read More →

Thrilling Thursday it was!  We began our day moving through morning centers which included a color mixing station and a shaving cream table.  The color mixing table was a hit, at children learned how to use the eye droppers to move the colors into their personal cups.  They spoke to one another as they noticed the colors change and intensity based upon how much of each color they added.  They even learned to hold their cups of mixed colors up to the light which altered the way they viewed their colors.  So much language was exchanged as they talked about what colors they were adding toRead More →

Busy, busy, busy!  Every day we are busy playing, learning and continuing to build upon the foundations we have been building. This week we have been working hard on so many concepts.  We have been exploring letter A, working on the appearance and the sound of the letter as well as the writing strokes.  I have been showing the children the shape of the letter and breaking it down into movements/writing strokes (Up, down…life your marker up and then go across.  Circle, tail.”)  The children have been learning about the lines on the paper and where to place their markers (bottom line, middle or top)Read More →

This week is another super busy week in the preschool.  Monday’s class began the week with 2 special visitors – Mr. William’s music class and Buckle Bear.  The children had a blast singing along during both programs, learning car seat safety during Buckle Bear.  Each child was given a packet to take home after Buckle Bear, so please check the sign-in table for your child’s packet. We were also working on our ORIGINAL ART WORKS which will go home in a few weeks.  I worked with each child to begin a multiple step project which encompasses painting, cutting, gluing and assembling to create a uniqueRead More →

Head, shoulder, knees and toes!!  That is what we have been singing all week long as we have continued on learning about our bodies. As we explored the function of our body parts, we played a variety of games using those parts.  We bounced and tossed balls to our friends, using both our hands and then just our forearms.  As the children played we their partners,  I spoke to each of them, helping them to notice which parts of their arms/hands they used to catch, bounce and throw.  At the conclusion of the activity, we charted whether the children found it easy or hard toRead More →

Things are really rolling along this week and the children are finding the rhythm of the schedule and the classroom expectations.  We have been working hard to learn how to listen at group time – to look at the teacher, keep our hands in our laps, our ears and eyes open, and to raise our hand to indicate that you have something to say. This week’s MWF class has been busy expanding our understanding of body parts – mostly focusing on our heads and necks and the proper terms and functions of facial features.  We drew faces, created paper plate faces and even cut outRead More →

This week we jumped into our regular schedule and began our “specials” as well. Monday we began our morning with the children checking in:  writing their names and graphing their shapes.  Several of the children are already catching on to the concept of graphing – how impressive!  As the children moved through various centers, I did some 1:1 work/assessments with some of the children.  I had them label facial features and tell me what their function was.  I then worked with them to cut out pictures of facial features and to glue those features onto a pre-drawn face.  I am noticing willingness and ability toRead More →

This next week we will be using the classic tale, “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears,” to expand upon our ALL ABOUT ME studies. The Tuesday/Thursday children in the JK room will be reading the book and then expanding through science, art, math, literacy and even language/dramatic play activities.  The children will be creating puppets of Goldilocks and the 3 Bears and also creating houses in which the bears live.  We would love to have donations of shoe boxes or similar sized cardboard boxes in which the children could decorate/create their dwellings.  We will use the puppets/houses re-tell the story at the end of the schoolRead More →

Wow – What a busy first week we had getting to know one another!  The children were super busy this week, getting to know the flow of the schedule, the different interest areas in the classrooms and even the expectations of behavior during the different aspects of the day. Each day we have built upon the number of jobs the children have completed throughout the day.  Although we did the Pledge and did calendar each day, today we finally got all of the large group jobs accomplished – doing our Sun Salutation to welcome the day,  the Pledge, singing God Bless America and doing bothRead More →

Another busy day getting to know one another as we gathered for the first time as the T/R JK class!  The children were super easy going as they entered, parting joyfully from their families and happy to either write or trace their names.  They were then shown around the classroom and given a “tour” of centers before they made their selections and began engaging with their new friends. Today’s getting to know you activity was focused around the story, “If You Bring a Mouse To School,” by Laura Numeroff.  Of course, before reading the story, we sang a bunch of fun songs, using the mouseRead More →