It has been a wonderful and busy week of Jr. Kindergarten! We have been continuing to learn about our feelings, and being a good friend. Each child has started to work on their “All About Me” books. We also continue to work on cutting, gluing and tracing in order to perfect their fine motor skills. Next week we will begin our “Letter of the Week”, which will be introduced each Monday, and we will continue working on throughout the week. The children enjoyed our “Snack Around the World” and we talked about Japan and had enjoyed a Japanese snack. Just a reminder on Wednesdays toRead More →

The Tuesday/Friday group worked on the story “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.” A natural expansion from “If You Bring a Mouse to School,” we continued to get to assess the children’s skills and to challenge them through fun, active lessons. Of course, we sang some of our new favorites – Ring Around the Rosy, Hokey Pokey, Up in the Sky and Down in the Meadow. We taught the children how to play the game WHO STOLE THE COOKIE FROM THE COOKIE JAR. Each child had a paper cookie with their name on it placed inside a plastic cookie jar. As we chanted theRead More →

This week in our JK2 class we have been working on recognizing our feelings and finding ways to deal with different emotions. The children formed a feeling train, marching together as they were role playing different emotions called out by the teacher. As an introduction to our “Stop and Think” Core Knowledge program, we read the story of Tucker Turtle and how he deals with anger/ frustration. The children are learning to stop, take a deep breath and think of a solution to their dilemma. Each child created a paper bowl turtle to reinforce this lesson. We had our first music class with Mr. WilliamsRead More →

Tuesday’s group began GOLDILOCKS AND THE THREE BEARS. During morning rotations, Mrs. Lozano worked in the classroom 1:1, counting and patterning with children. Each child was given a task of varying degree, based on their skill sets, attention span and previous experience. Ms. Newman worked in the hallway, with children, cutting out various objects from the story and gluing them in order from smallest to largest. Some children were required to copy words and even to use the characters from the story to create a model of their family. Those children labeled their family members and we discussed how their roles may have been similarRead More →

What a busy, wonderful first week we have had. We have been encouraging the children to practice their cutting skills with small strips of paper and envelopes, as well as strengthen their fine motor control by lacing necklaces/bracelets. We reviewed the books “The Kissing Hand” and “If You Take a Mouse to School”, incorporating these stories in our first of the year assessments – following detailed instructions, drawing a self portrait, tracing letters and counting out objects 1-10. We spent a large amount of our “rectangle” time talking about ourselves and families, graphing our similarities and differences before creating self portraits using paper plates. WeRead More →

We had a great first day of school! The children enjoyed getting to know each other in the classroom and on the playground. We read the book “The Kissing Hand” to start off the year. We will begin to talk about our families and homes. Please be sure to send in your family photo by Friday, so your child can share with their classmates. We look forward to seeing your children on Tuesday/Wednesday. 🙂Read More →

We are so excited to have the children returning to the school. The classroom is all set up and waiting. Mrs. Lozano is returning for her 10th year and will be co-teaching with Brenda Park, a long time RMAE preschool parent. She has recently finished her ECE teaching certificate and is excited to be joining our team. We are looking forward to seeing you all Monday/ Tuesday for the first day of school and Lunch Bunch. Please stop by for Open House this afternoon between 1-3.Read More →