This Wednesday, December 21st is our Winter Holiday Program.  “Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!” Our annual holiday program will begin at 3:30 in the Social Hall upstairs.  The children have been practicing a lot, and are really looking forward to performing for all of you!  We expect the program to last approximately 30 minutes.  Refreshments will be offered after the show! Children who do not normally attend school on Wednesday are asked to arrive to their classrooms at 1:45pm.  We will watch a holiday movie and have a snack.  If you want to send your child’s clothing for the program separately,Read More →

The ‘Letter of the week’ last week was ‘M’.  The students stuck macaroni on the shape of an uppercase M. It was interesting to see how they approached this activity according to their particular stage of development. Some students applied the glue to the paper and stuck down each noodle individually. The younger students really wanted to play with the macaroni; which was fine!  They wanted to stick the macaroni down in great handfuls! We also made a collage of a Menorah, which is used during Hanukkah in the Jewish faith. The story of Hanukkah was read to the class; they liked the idea ofRead More →

The Preschool at RMAE has openings for a Friday S.T.E.M. program.  Please call the office at 303-670-3447 x5 for more information.  The program will begin in January.  The Arts and Literacy, science and math will be the main focus in this program. Hope to see you in class in January!!Read More →

The “Season of Giving” is upon us and RMAE will once again be partnering with The Senior Resource Center in Evergreen.  The RMAE Preschoolers are asked to make donations of soap to put into the holiday baskets that will be distributed to elderly residents and families in need. While you are out shopping this weekend, please pick up face soap, bath soap, or hand soap for men, women and children!   Bring your donation to the preschool Monday through Thursday next week. If you prefer, you may donate cash, check, or a gift card which will be used to purchase perishable items. Last year 144Read More →

The ‘letter of the week’ is J. We are also focusing on the sense of taste this month. So, during snack time we had a ‘jam’ taste test. The students were given pieces of toast with different kinds of jam on each piece. After each taste , the girls were asked if they liked it or not , the results were recorded. They tasted peach, raspberry and grape jams. Not surprisingly , they all liked each different flavor. They asked for more!   They also created a collage of a ‘jar of jelly beans’. This helped with fine motor control;as they had to glue smallRead More →

Tuesday’s class continued on with our native American unit.  We read the book HIAWATHA, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Through the poetic tale, we stopped and focused on the illustrations which depicted the spirituality with which the native Americans viewed both animals and Mother Earth as a whole.  As we read, we stopped and gave the children time to describe their interpretations of the drawings…..somewhat “ghostly,” and yet comforting at the same time.  We reflected on the words used to describe sounds of nature:  “mime-wawa says the pine trees, mudway-aushka says the water.  ”  As the children sat silently and looked at the pictures, we could almostRead More →

Monday’s class bridged the two units – Colorado animals and Native Americans.  The children learned about the deer family and their behavior patterns in the fall.  We both read about and role played how and why the deer “fight,” using their antlers to assert dominance and battle for herd leadership.  The children used toys, taking turns stating “I want to be the daddy buck of the herd.  I want all the food.  I want to be the boss of all of the does.”  Which ever buck lost the battle had to leave the herd, leaving themselves more susceptible to predators (mountain lions and people).  MostRead More →

Today’s article from ExchangeEveryDay – Bad Praise, Good Praise – When is praise expected?  Am I praising too often?  Is my praise authentic?  Am I hurting or helping my child? Parents, teachers, and well-meaning caregivers are often faced with these questions when they are working with young children.  With practice, you can quickly learn the difference between bad praise and good praise.  Our teachers are extremely knowledgeable regarding this topic, and can provide guidance at any time. “Many people assume that superior intelligence or ability is a key to success.  But more than three decades of research shows than an overemphasis on intellect or talentRead More →

Today was awesome!  Thanks to the many parents and grandparents who spent the better part of their day with us! Parents and grandparents were busy doing math, decorating classrooms, preparing lunch food, working on crafts with children, and playing games with the children.  We appreciate our volunteer parents and grandparents so very much.  Thank you all.  You ARE the BEST! The children’s costumes were so creative.  And many of our volunteers dressed in their favorite costume or character too!  It was a great day.  Not only was the weather absolutely perfect, the spooky lunches were so yummy, the games were a lot of fun, andRead More →