TLC Preschool is now registering students for the 2021-2022 school year. Please call the office at 303-670-3447 x5 to schedule a visit.  When you do visit the school, you will be required to wear a face mask.  Your temperature will be taken at the door before entering the building.  Once inside, you will be asked to wash your hands or use hand sanitizer.  If you have attended a large group function or have been exposed to anyone who tested positive for covid, please postpone your visit for the recommended number of days when you were exposed. You may also bring your child who will beRead More →

In honor of Presidents Day,the students have spent the last few days learning about our nations presidents. Last week we read a wonderful story titled “Mister Lincoln’s Whiskers” by: Karen Winnick. The children also made a log cabin out of pretzels and put a penny on the cabin window with their RMAE Middle School buddies. Their beautiful work hangs outside our classroom. The children learned that President Lincoln was a humble man and grew up to be the 16th President of the United States! He was best known for his hard work to free the slaves. His memory is honored in many ways; one inRead More →

What a busy week back we have had!! We begun our week working on the letter of the week-Ii. The children have begun learning our songs for the Winter program and singing with Mr. Williams. This is always such a fun time for the children as they learn different songs and explore musical instruments. Wednesday we visited the “Grandmas and Grandpas” at the Life Care Center sharing with them the amazing energy of these little ones. Our Big Kid Buddies came down on Wednesday to help the children weave Mkeka (traditional woven mat), adding ears of corn for their family members. We finished up ourRead More →

The ‘letter of the week’ is J. We are also focusing on the sense of taste this month. So, during snack time we had a ‘jam’ taste test. The students were given pieces of toast with different kinds of jam on each piece. After each taste , the girls were asked if they liked it or not , the results were recorded. They tasted peach, raspberry and grape jams. Not surprisingly , they all liked each different flavor. They asked for more!   They also created a collage of a ‘jar of jelly beans’. This helped with fine motor control;as they had to glue smallRead More →

Tuesday’s class continued on with our native American unit.  We read the book HIAWATHA, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.  Through the poetic tale, we stopped and focused on the illustrations which depicted the spirituality with which the native Americans viewed both animals and Mother Earth as a whole.  As we read, we stopped and gave the children time to describe their interpretations of the drawings…..somewhat “ghostly,” and yet comforting at the same time.  We reflected on the words used to describe sounds of nature:  “mime-wawa says the pine trees, mudway-aushka says the water.  ”  As the children sat silently and looked at the pictures, we could almostRead More →

Monday’s class bridged the two units – Colorado animals and Native Americans.  The children learned about the deer family and their behavior patterns in the fall.  We both read about and role played how and why the deer “fight,” using their antlers to assert dominance and battle for herd leadership.  The children used toys, taking turns stating “I want to be the daddy buck of the herd.  I want all the food.  I want to be the boss of all of the does.”  Which ever buck lost the battle had to leave the herd, leaving themselves more susceptible to predators (mountain lions and people).  MostRead More →

The field trip yesterday to the Tiny Tots performance was spectacular. What an opportunity for the children to experience such wonderful music. It was a long day and bus ride, everyone was exausted by the time we arrived back at the school. All the children behaved so well the whole day. Before the field trip, the pre-k class carved a pumpkin. The children wanted to make a “jack-o-pieces” from a finger play we have been learning. Today, we roasted the seeds and tasted them for snack. All of the children decided they liked the seeds. In class the children painted egg carton pieces to make spiders.Read More →

It was a very exciting day in our classroom today as we carved our pumpkin! The girls were so excited in anticipation of this event! We discussed the color, texture and feel of the pumpkin; the students were then asked what they thought was inside the pumpkin. Their answers were so funny! These included ‘candy’ and ‘mommies’!!  As I cut the top of the pumpkin off and listed it up; all the girls squealed and giggled! Their eyes lit up; they were amazed with the contents. We then attempted to scoop out the seeds; some students were brave enough to touch the seeds , some wereRead More →

The Preschool class has been so busy these past few weeks. We have been learning about Fall; we have been learning that leaves fall off the trees! Some students made a picture with leaves; they used tape for the first time in school; which was fun. We also learned about fire trucks and read books about firefighters, connected to the letter’F’. We made a picture of a firetruck, which even had a fire hose attached , made from a pipe cleaner! We also made a collage with feathers; the students loved them!  We are moving onto the story of Goldilocks this week. We have porridgeRead More →