Today we focused on “Goldilocks and the Three Bears”. After reading the story we discussed what happened in the story. I asked the kids what happen first in the story, second, third, and finally what happened last. Using sequencing cards the children put them all in order. For math the children completed some patterns using pictures from the story. The rest of the week we will be learning about fire safety, and the letter E. Wednesday we will do “show and share” again. Your child is welcome to bring in a toy or any small item that starts with E. They had a great timeRead More →

With the short week that first and second weeks of Oct., we were able to recap the three letters we have covered…a, b and c, and then started the letter d. The children began working on their numbers 1 – 10, and we started to dive into some exciting math! With the change in seasons, the children began working on some amazing artwork centered around the leaves changing colors. On Wednesday, 10/5/16, we enjoyed having the RMAE Middle Schoolers come over to the preschool and make bird feeders with them. That one-on-one time working on a project with a big kid is a very excitingRead More →

Today’s group expanded on our current exploration of fall by reading Lois Elhert’s book, NUTS TO YOU!  This book follows a squirrels adventures, chock full of rhymes and montages/collages. Mrs. Lozano worked in the hallway with small groups of students, counting out peanuts and working on writing strokes (tracing lines of various shapes leading a squirrel to a nut) and completing a maze, allowing a squirrel to find his way to his favorite food source. Ms. Newman worked with children inside the classroom, “shucking” peanuts while singing and making observations about the appearance of the different nuts and even counting how many nuts were insideRead More →

Monday’s class was celebrating the harvest of apples!  Continuing on with our Fall theme, the children expanded upon what they learned about trees (what is food for them, how does the temperature/amount of day light affect the tree’s ability to “feed” it’s leaves, nuts and fruits).  We again played the “tree” game, picking up the colored pieces of paper that represented the nutrients essential for the tree’s survival.  This time the children were much more in tune with how much of each food source they picked up and if they would be a fruitful fall tree , a seed or perhaps a cactus, based uponRead More →

In our music and movement class for October, we will be having fun with obstacle courses. The children will be strengthening their gross motor skills with confidence! I will be incorporating some of these skills by having the children hop, walk a straight line, crawling through tunnels and being able to throw an object in the intended direction. I look forward to helping the children strengthen these skills!Read More →

Fall is definitely in the air this week….what a wonderful opportunity for us to begin our new unit! Both Wednesday and Friday’s class began discussing the change of season.  We began Wednesday’s lesson with an experiment of sorts, using a flashlight and the globe.  The flashlight represented the sun and the globe, of course, was the Earth.  I pointed out the poles and the equator to the children and we then picked parts of our bodies that represented those same placed on the Earth; our head was the North Pole, toes the South Pole and our bellies were the equator.  We played a quick gameRead More →

Today’s group worked on the classic story, Corduroy, by Don Freeman.  Morning activities were all about bears and buttons, whether structured or unstructured. Ms. Newman worked in the hallway in small groups to support math skills.  Each child played a game of ROLL DOT.  They were each given a bear with numbers written on various parts of it’s body, a dice and a bingo dobber bottle.  They were shown how to roll the dice, count the dots and then find the correlating number on the bear.  Once they identified the number, they placed a dot on the number symbol and repeated each step until eachRead More →

This was a very busy week in JK2! Our letter of the week was Cc, and all of the kids have had fun showing their C treasures to their classmates. On Monday the children enjoyed spending learning time through play at the Spark City Bus. This was a special field trip that traveled to us at the RMAE Preschool parking lot. On Wednesday we took advantage of the warm fall weather and went on a hike to Elk Meadow for an hour and half. We are so lucky to have this wonderful space to explore. What rock star hikers we have!! The children have beenRead More →

This week was a fun and busy week in the Preschool class! We continued with the farm animals unit, we talked about where eggs come from. The students ate scrambled eggs for snack; which they really enjoyed. We colored pictures of an egg, a chick and a hen. The  students cut the pictures out, with help. They then used glue to stick the pictures onto some construction paper. The ‘letter of the week’ was “D”. We read the “D ” book and made a collage of a duck made out of a letter ‘D’. We also made a ‘dog’ from a paper bag. We dancedRead More →