Pre-K 2 Classroom

Hello! Thank you for visiting our Pre-Kindergarten 2 Classroom!
This classroom is located at the bottom of the upstairs stairway. It is licensed for ten children with one teacher. Our Pre-K2 teacher is loving, patient, creative, very inter-active and hands-on.  She has many years experience as a Preschool teacher and never looks at her work as a “job”.  Her love for working with children is her “passion”. Typically children are just turning 4 years old when they enter this room. Although, sometimes there are exceptions; depending on each individual child’s needs. Children love coming into this classroom. There is always so much fun happening here! The children’s cubbies are in the hall alongside the stairway wall. This is where children put their rest items, backpacks, hang their jackets, store their shoes, boots, lunchboxes, etc. It’s also really close to the two hallway bathrooms. Sometimes the class even extends their classroom into the hall! That’s a lot of fun! Everyone gets a real sense of coziness when they enter this room! As in all of our classrooms, parents are invited to volunteer, or even come in and have lunch with your child every once in a while. Water-play, sand-play, dress-up, blocks and construction, trains, cars, trucks, dolls! And, of course, lots of abc’s and 123’s.
See you soon!