Preschool Classroom

The Preschool classroom is where it all begins! Welcome to the 2-1/2 to 3 year old room. This room is licensed for 8 little ones with one teacher. Our teacher is one of the most loving, patient, and practical teachers around!  Everything she says and does with the children is done with the utmost of respect. Her “littles” love her, and miss her on the weekends and holidays.  They tell their parents that their teacher is their BEST FRIEND. So much happens in this special room. Children learn to dress themselves for recess, change their clothes if they are wet from outside play, or soiled, take care of their own belongings, set up their lunch space, clean up after themselves, and even wipe their spot at the snack and lunch table…….and so much more! All while having fun and making friends. I will always remember a story a dad once told me; when his son was 3 years old, he was so proud to serve his daddy the snack  he learned how to prepare in preschool. Every day for about a week, the two of them enjoyed cheerios in a 3 ounce paper cup with yogurt and a banana!

In addition, children learn to recognize their name, choose a daily job, take attendance by choosing their name and putting it on a matching shape and color chart, and begin to learn the daily schedule by following pictures. Storytelling is also very important at this age, along with music, rhymes, and poetry. Much focus is placed on oral language development through play and by learning many of life’s skills. And, there are toys, toys, and more toys. Some are for creative and independent play, and others have a specific use for learning a new concept or skill.

Many children entering this age group are not completely potty trained, and that is okay. The teacher has many ways to help children reach this milestone. Being with peers during this stage is very helpful for most children.

We look forward to being a part of your child’s first preschool experience.