Christy Bruckner

Christy Bruckner – Support Teacher

Christy grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and came to Denver for college at Regis University in 99’. She is ECE lead teacher certified and has worked primarily in Montessori School environments for over 8 years. In 2011, she went to culinary school to be a chef but, by the fall of 2018, she truly missed working with children and rejoined her career in Early Childhood (now she can make culinary delights for the children!).

She loves Early Childhood because it’s the foundation for all education. She believes that children learn the fundamentals of education, basic skills, develop social and emotional skills, form friendships and develop core values, such as kindness and respect, all in the microcosm of an ECE classroom setting.  Christy is very outgoing and loves water rafting, live music, and skiing. She looks forward to this new school year as a support teacher.