Debbie Caruso

Debbie Caruso, Preschool Director

Debbie Caruso was formerly the Director of RMAE Preschool since its opening in September 2003, and is now Director and Jr. Kindergarten teacher of TLC Preschool. Debbie and her family moved to Evergreen in 1987 at which time she became highly involved in civic, school, church, and charitable organizations. For this reason, she considers herself a “native” and loves the Evergreen community. Debbie has over 27 years experience working with young children in various capacities and has set the bar for the highest standards of teamwork.

Debbie earned her Early Childhood Director’s Certificate and Early Childhood Teacher certification from Red Rocks Community College in 2003. In an effort to stay current in early childhood development philosophies, curriculum, and standards, she continues to take early childhood education courses. Debbie also has training with recognizing special education needs and giftedness in the early childhood setting. To further enrich her academic track, Debbie has attended NAEYC and literacy conferences, outdoor biology labs in AK and has taken part in various music workshops.

She has attended over nine Core Knowledge Training Modules and has participated in many on-site trainings and round-table meetings long before the Preschool Core Knowledge Sequence became such a desired curriculum. She specializes in the Core Knowledge Curriculum and has been teaching it since it first was published in 1996. She is also responsible for developing the Jr. Kindergarten program, which is a combined Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence and Core Knowledge Kindergarten curriculum.

“It is absolutely amazing to see how our daughter has grown, both intellectually and socially, since beginning the preschool program at TLC (formerly RMAE Preschool).  Mrs. Caruso and Mrs. Lozano have done a wonderful job teaching her, and she cannot wait to begin her final year this fall! We also love that the preschool administration is very organized and is receptive and welcoming if parents have concerns.”

Quote by:  Jarrett Ellis


“We have had three of our children here, in their preschool ages, for the last 5 years. Debbie does a wonderful job providing, not only a sound education base and love for learning, but a ton of other opportunities for our children such as the Tiny Tots orchestra and the Spark City Museum bus on wheels! They accomplish so much in a school day, both educational and fun! Our favorite event is the holiday program that each and every student participates in.”

Quote by:  Bre Boyle