Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy

Our Vision – Preparing for Tomorrow

It is the vision of The Learning Center Preschool of Evergreen to be a leader in preschool education in our local and regional community, providing a family-friendly program for ALL children, drawing on best practices in early childhood education in a community that engages the whole child (and family) in a love of learning strong enough to last a lifetime.

Our Mission – Shaping our Today

In order to achieve our Vision, we will constantly seek ways to improve while adhering to the needs of our children and their families.  We will:

  • Maintain small class sizes in order to provide individualized instruction and the highest quality learning experience for our children
  • Hire only teachers certified and experienced in Early Childhood Education and dedicated to a practical, non-sectarian, Core Knowledge approach to character education and school-ready skills.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to The Learning Center (TLC) Preschool of Evergreen. We are located in the lower level of beautiful Congregation Beth Evergreen at 2981 Bergen Peak Drive in Evergreen, CO.  We are formerly The Preschool at RMAE, and operated under that name since September 2003.  Effective April 2017 we changed our name to TLC Preschool.   We offer a family-friendly program where ALL children are welcome, drawing on best practices in early childhood education in a community that engages the whole child (and family) in a love of learning strong enough to last a lifetime!  In addition to character education, we use the Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence as our main curriculum source, and in addition, we take the project approach toward learning in many of our units.  We differentiate our program to meet each child’s individual learning interests and style.  We focus on physical and moral growth through story, song, hikes to Elk Meadow, monthly visits with the residents at The Life Care Center of Evergreen, and on the playground.  We also teach a variety of art methods, teach the children about famous artists, for example: Monet and Picasso, and children enjoy the process of creating amazing crafts.  We serve healthy, organic snacks every day. Our day also highlights and exemplifies core virtues and civic values such as curiosity, respect, gratitude, pride/humility, diligence/perseverance, courage/fear, joy/sadness, compassion, generosity, and faithfulness.

The Core Knowledge Preschool Sequence also teaches children the necessary skills to help them grow emotionally and socially, while also developing independent thinking and problem solving skills. Our literacy-rich environment, which includes a strong emphasis on oral language development, provides many learning opportunities that will encourage young children to develop an interest in reading and writing. There is also a strong emphasis in mathematical reasoning, orientation in time and space, scientific reasoning, and creative play.

Staff members write individual goals for each child and provide conferences for the parents in October and May.  Our teachers are also available to speak with parents any time you have a question.  We offer Level 1 and Level 2 programs.  Level 1 is a program that includes children beginning at 2-1/2 to 4 years old.  Level 2 includes children between 4-5 years old.  We also offer a transitional kindergarten class called Jr. Kindergarten for those children who miss the October 1st cut off for Kindergarten, those who will be going to kindergarten as a young 5 year old, and for those children who just need an additional year of preschool for social, emotional, or academic growth.  We offer full-day programs with 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-day options. We offer “drop-in” days if space is available on a certain day in your child’s classroom. Before and after care is available Monday through Friday.

TLC Preschool encourages and welcomes parent involvement. We invite you to become involved in your child’s classroom as soon as your child has made the adjustment to being in school, and in any of the events and celebrations we offer throughout the year.

We understand the important role that networking plays in the lives of parents of young children, so therefore we host a variety of community-building events and ask that you attend as many as you can: Playground clean-up in the fall, Open House, Lunch Bunch with Your Child, Back-to-School meeting, visits to the Life Care Center, our annual Thanksgiving Feast and Program, Winter Holiday Program, Family Dinner Dance, Field Day, Week of the Young Child and the End of Year Celebrations. These are great opportunities to meet other families in our school and make new friends.  Before you know it, your little one will be asking to go to a new friend’s house for a play date!

Each of our staff is committed to making sure that your child has the best experience possible in their early learning years. We also want you to know that we are here to support you in any way we can, so that you have a positive experience as well.

Please call (303) 670-3447 x5 and set up a time to visit our wonderful preschool. Thank you.
Debbie Caruso
Preschool Director