Our Vision, Mission and Philosophy

Our Vision – Preparing for Tomorrow

It is the vision of The Learning Center Preschool of Evergreen to be a leader in preschool education in our local and regional community, providing a family-friendly program for ALL children, drawing on best practices in early childhood education in a community that engages the whole child (and family) in a love of learning strong enough to last a lifetime.

Our Mission – Shaping our Today

In order to achieve our Vision, we will constantly seek ways to improve while adhering to the needs of our children and their families.  We will:

  • Maintain small class sizes in order to provide individualized instruction and the highest quality learning experience for our children
  • Hire only teachers certified and experienced in Early Childhood Education and dedicated to a practical, non-sectarian, Core Knowledge approach to character education and school-ready skills.

Dear Parents,


We strive to nurture each child’s innate sense of wonder and curiosity by providing them a safe

and inviting space to learn and explore. We believe the foundation for cognitive growth is the development of social and emotional skills; thereby offering children a loving and responsive environment. Our curriculum is based on emergent, constructivist, project-based explorations, and the Core Knowledge Sequence. Core values and an anti-bias environment are essential components to our community. Our small class sizes promote one-to-one interactions as well as provide opportunities for in-depth discoveries, problem solving, creative thinking and collaboration. Located in a beautiful space amongst nature, we honor outdoor learning as a key component to the experience we want to offer children.

We look forward to a wonderful year filled with discovery, growth, and learning!


I wish you well,

Susan Wartchow

TLC Director