Preschool 2 Classroom

We call the Preschool 2 room the “middle room.” Children who are 3 – 4 years old are in this classroom. The ratio is 8 children with one teacher. Children focus on Level 1 of the Core Knowledge Sequence and as children are closer to turning 4 years old, or those who are developmentally ready begin working on objectives in Level 2. Children begin using a journal every day, learn a letter of the week and enjoy fun activities related to the letter of the week. Children also are invited to participate in show and share. All classrooms honor a child each week by being the “Star Student”. Children bring in a special poster they made with pictures of themselves, their family, pets, favorite activities, and so much more. Since children are a little more independent and older, they begin to spend longer periods of time during play centers, dress-up, work centers, recess, lunch, and enjoy outdoor excursions to Elk Meadow and around the school property. Each child has their own cubbie, attends to their bathroom needs independently, and is more responsible and aware of all their belongings. Children in this room also learn how to set up their own rest mat. Friendships really begin to develop in this room and children are wanting to make play dates with their new friends.
Preschool 2 is waiting for YOU! Bring your smiles with you!