Wow! What a GREAT 1st Week!

Wow! What a GREAT 1st Week!

Dear Preschool Parents,

What a wonderful first week we all had!  I visited each classroom every day this week, and it was exciting to see your children playing and making new friends.  It took about 5 minutes for everyone to adjust to their new environment.  What a wonderful group of children!  Thank you for sharing your precious children with each of us.  Children are bonding with their teachers, and children are learning their new routines.   I have been so impressed with all the activity taking place in all the classrooms, and what the children have learned already.  Children are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, singing “God Bless America,” counting, making the first letter of their name, reading classic books and so much more.  Recess is probably everyone’s favorite part of the day, though.

A special thank-you to our amazing staff: Mr. Brian, Shelly, Louise, Brenda, Marcy, Kelly and Corinne for preparing our playground for the children.

Another special person we want to thank is Ms. Newman’s husband, Chris.  He made those new step-stools for the hall bathrooms.  Matt Broxterman took them home this weekend to paint.  We all feel better about the new step-stools.  We wanted to make sure that no one fell while in the bathrooms. Be sure to take a peek next Monday.

Remember to say thanks to Colby Corrin.  After a hard day at work, he came over and removed all the thistle and cut the grass to the entrance to our preschool.

Well everyone, have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll do another blog over the weekend.  Have a great evening.

Hugs from all of us at The Preschool at RMAE.