In honor of Presidents Day,the students have spent the last few days learning about our nations presidents. Last week we read a wonderful story titled “Mister Lincoln’s Whiskers” by: Karen Winnick. The children also made a log cabin out of pretzels and put a penny on the cabin window with their RMAE Middle School buddies. Their beautiful work hangs outside our classroom. The children learned that President Lincoln was a humble man and grew up to be the 16th President of the United States! He was best known for his hard work to free the slaves. His memory is honored in many ways; one inRead More →

The children in Mrs. Lozano’s and Mrs. Caruso’s class are so excited to be back at school.  Last week everyone had so much fun, and learned so much. The children learned about the season of winter, practiced the letter Kk, and presented their show and share items that begin with the letter Kk.  Letter Kk was challenging.  The children brought in keys, realized they were “kids,”  a kite, ketchup, lots of kittens, kangaroos, a kickball, a koala, and of course, one friend gave an example of being kind! Alphabet reinforcement was enjoyed by playing alphabet bingo and snowball toss.    Children practiced their fine motor skillsRead More →

What a busy week back we have had!! We begun our week working on the letter of the week-Ii. The children have begun learning our songs for the Winter program and singing with Mr. Williams. This is always such a fun time for the children as they learn different songs and explore musical instruments. Wednesday we visited the “Grandmas and Grandpas” at the Life Care Center sharing with them the amazing energy of these little ones. Our Big Kid Buddies came down on Wednesday to help the children weave Mkeka (traditional woven mat), adding ears of corn for their family members. We finished up ourRead More →

Thank you all for coming in for parent-teacher conferences. We love talking to you about your children’ achievements! It is such a joy to have your children in our class. Due to our short week, we will not focus on a letter of the week, but we will review all the letters we have learned so far. We will start up after break with the letter I. Just a reminder about our program this Wednesday, 11/16. There is a signup sheet in the lobby if you would like to help with the feast for children, or with setting up for our 2:00 program. The childrenRead More →

Today we learned about the letter g. We made goats out of a green upper case G’s. The children had green grapes for snack. We read a book about a goats adventure, who loved everything that started with the letter g. We identifyed pictures that started with the letter g. The children mixed yellow and blue finger paint together to make green. It was a GGGGGreat day!Read More →

Our days just fly by! We have been busy reinforcing our letters and practicing correct number formations. With Halloween coming soon, the children have worked on “spooky” crafts to decorate our classroom. The children are very excited for our party next week, and are talking about their costumes non-stop! The sun has been out, so our PE time has been outside maneuvering through obstacle courses with Mrs. Stark. On Fridays, we come together as a total preschool in order to have music and movement, and to practice our songs for our up and coming Thanksgiving program for our families. Enjoy your weekend and we areRead More →

We came back from the long weekend in full force. After our morning music lesson with Mr. Williams, we had a surprise appearance from Buckle Bear and Drive Smart. The children were weighed and measured to ensure they are riding in the appropriate car seats, sang songs stressing the importance riding quietly in the car and making sure ALL passengers are buckled up. We have begun our Letter of the Week program with the children starting their first page in their Alphabet Books, reinforcing the letter sound and bringing A/a items from home for Show and Share. We have also begun our new unit—My Body.Read More →

What a busy, wonderful first week we have had. We have been encouraging the children to practice their cutting skills with small strips of paper and envelopes, as well as strengthen their fine motor control by lacing necklaces/bracelets. We reviewed the books “The Kissing Hand” and “If You Take a Mouse to School”, incorporating these stories in our first of the year assessments – following detailed instructions, drawing a self portrait, tracing letters and counting out objects 1-10. We spent a large amount of our “rectangle” time talking about ourselves and families, graphing our similarities and differences before creating self portraits using paper plates. WeRead More →

We are so excited to have the children returning to the school. The classroom is all set up and waiting. Mrs. Lozano is returning for her 10th year and will be co-teaching with Brenda Park, a long time RMAE preschool parent. She has recently finished her ECE teaching certificate and is excited to be joining our team. We are looking forward to seeing you all Monday/ Tuesday for the first day of school and Lunch Bunch. Please stop by for Open House this afternoon between 1-3.Read More →